Groundvue 6

Like all Groundvue Ground Probing Radars, Groundvue 6 is user friendly and uses easy to operate dedicated software. Operating depth (measured in travel time) is preset with ample margin for ease of use.

Frequency Range

7MHz to 30MHz

Depth Range

Up to 180m

Special Features

  • A thin inline spread spectrum GPR pulled behind the operator for harsh environments
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Internal batteries
  • Wireless synchronisation and data transfer
  • Ultrasensitive correlation receiver
  • Internal data stacking (to improve signal to noise ratio)
  • GPS interface

Data Storage

Direct to solid disk via wireless link


c. 2m


  • Datalogger required for radar operation and initial data storage
  • A specialised battery charger is required to re-charge the unit’s internal batteries
  • A GPS unit will be required for positional information.


Analytical software – the ReflexW package – is available. Details on request.