Groundvue 2

Like all Groundvue Ground Probing Radars, Groundvue 2 is user friendly and uses easy to operate dedicated software. Operating depth (measured in travel time) and the distance between samples must be defined accurately. All other parameters can be reset after survey.

Frequency Range

50MHz central (range: 30MHz to 100MHz)

Depth Range

At 640ns:
from 0.5m to 30m in dry conditions
from 0.5m to 11m in waterlogging
At 1280ns:
from 0.5m to 60m in dry conditions
from 0.5m to 20m in waterlogging
from 0.5m to 85m in low loss dielectric material

Special Features

Arrayed antennas
Fully screened
Suitable for towing behind a vehicle during survey
Optional GPS/Total Station data input

Data Storage

Direct to solid disk


Medium (200mm)


Groundvue datalogger
A long term data storage system is essential
A basic 12V battery charger is needed to charge the radar batteries


Cable connection to vehicle cigarette lighter useful for saving datalogger batteries but not essential
Analytical software – the ReflexW package – is also available. Details on request