Crack Detection Head

The Groundvue Crack Detection Head is an adapted GPR antenna, specifically designed to detect cracks, including subsurface cracking and to measure the depth of the cracks. Traditional GPR antennas cannot be used for this purpose, only to identify general areas of cracking. This is a much finer tool.  The adapted antenna is the equivalent of a single transducer pair.

Frequency Range

Centred on 1.5GHz

Depth Range

Up to 1m

Special Features

Specialised antenna for the detection of subsurface cracking and the depth measurement of cracking visible at the surface.
Useful also for definition of concrete jointing since the head favours linear features over strata.
Fully compatible with either Groundvue 3 control system.
Can be used alongside traditional antennas.
Can be used in multiples.
Slow operation speed essential because of the target size.

Data Storage

Direct to solid disk


High (15mm)


Crack detection training strongly recommended
Datalogger required for system operation and initial data storage (data download via ethernet)
A long term data storage system is essential
A basic 12V battery charger is required


Additional analytical software – the ReflexW package – is also available. Details on request.