Award winning technology

As well as the Groundvue GPRs, Utsi Electronics Ltd carry out a number of specialist designs for clients. Most of the Groundvue range of GPRs originated in this sort of development work. Current examples include:



e-Spott is an automatic layer measurement tool for verifying road surface reinstatment. Developer by Utsi Electronics for PipeHawk plc, this GPR based tool provides a thickness measurement for the bound layers of a highway within 30 seconds of the press of a button. Use of e-Spott will reduce significantly the necessity for coring which removes the need for damage to a newly laid surface and for lengthy traffic delays. An explosion proof version for use in hazardous atmospheres is in development.
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T&A Survey BV

T&A commissioned Utsi Electronics to design an antenna for their new borehole radar. Following successful testing of the prototype, the company is now producing the first working antenna for T&A.

Internation Groundradar Inc.

After seeing the performance of the lower frequency Groundvue 6, Groundradar commissioned UltraGPR, a combination of Groundvue electronics (designed and built by Utsi Electronics) with specialist mechanical design by Groundradar.
UltraGPR ( is exclusive to Groundradar and has been shown to outperform other commercially available systems suited to GPR mining investigations.
Utsi Electronics Ltd was delighted to support Groundradar in their bid for substantial 12 month contract for the research and development of a long-range GPR system for underground coal mining applications.
This radar has been designed to image geology and abandoned tunnels from the surface and also in-seam to depths of up to 60m, depending on the intrinsic electromagnetic properties of the coal.
Following on from the success of Ultravue, the new radar will incorperate Utsi Electronics' electronic design within Groundradar's mechanical design. The system will be lightweight and also intrinsically safe.

King Abdulaziz Centre for Science and Technology (KACST)

After trials of Groundvue 6 in the sands around Riyadh, KACST commissioned Utsi Electronics to develop a specialised GPR for the measurement of sand dune depths.